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The Instructors


Kevin Edgar - Co-Founder, Coach & Voice Behind the Videos

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Kevin Edgar is an eCommerce veteran with special knowledge of the Amazon platform, and has done millions of dollars in sales since 2014. Selling on both the eBay and Amazon platforms has pushed him to learn the best methods for optimizing profits and being ultra successful in dropshipping. Kevin is excited to share his knowledge to help others build and automate sustainable eCommerce businesses.


Samantha Haupt - Co-Founder, Coach & Website Manager

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Samantha Haupt is a highly experienced eBay and Amazon seller since 2015. Maintaining top feedback ratings and pushing profit margins as high as possible has forced her to learn the best growth strategies for both the eBay and Amazon platforms. After years of perfecting these techniques, Samantha is passionate about guiding others to achieve their wildest dreams with eCommerce.


SupremeCommerce Training

We created SupremeCommerce to help others surpass their financial goals and lock down the life everyone deserves. Kevin is the voice behind the videos, while Samantha works behind-the-scenes to make these courses possible. With our combined knowledge and eCommerce expertise, you have comprehensive video training courses that will walk you through the steps of starting, building and growing successful eCommerce businesses and 100% fully automating them for ultimate freedom. And with both of us available to help you every step of the way, as well as other SupremeCommerce students, you'll have a wonderful support system to motivate you all the way to your goals and beyond what you ever thought was possible.

If you need to get in contact with us outside of the support communities, please contact us on Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

To your success,

Kevin & Samantha :) 



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