Frequently Asked Questions

eBay is a slow-to-grow business but is good for people selling products from home or using wholesalers only. Amazon (included in Launch Your Empire and Mastering Amazon) can be scaled quite massively, and is suitable for anyone with some working capital and a few hours a day. If day trading and investing is what you want, SupremeCommerceFX Alerts and SupremeCommerceFX Mastery is what you should get. If you're still unsure, please contact us with your questions and we'll gladly assist you.

If you're new to eCommerce and want to learn dropshipping and selling your own products, we recommend you start with our Launch Your Empire program, or Shopify Legacy.

If you're new to online marketing and want to advertise your company or affiliate business, we recommend you start with our Affiliate Mastery program (It's free!).

Yes, all of our courses are a one-time payment only. There are no recurring fees for any of the training. You simply pay once and gain access to the entire program - for life! The services (third party fulfillment services and the automation services not included).

For an upfront service fee (which is lower than what over 90% of other service providers charge), and a profit share model, we run, grow and scale the entire business for you. 100% of the work is done by us and our contracts aren't limited to one year (contact us for details). Our done-for-you services are limited to a handful of new clients per month, as we have limited capacity.

You get all the resources you'll ever need to scale your business properly. From detailed, step-by-step video training organised into modules, with the ability to pause, rewind and watch the videos over again as many times as you need. There are downloadable PDFs as you progress. You get lifetime access to the training, including ALL future updates (and we are constantly adding new content). You'll also become a valued member of the 24/7 support community for that course, where you'll have the instructor (Kevin), executive assistant Leslie, and the other students to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

Yes! By purchasing any of our programs, you are welcomed into the SupremeCommerce community with open arms, and are encouraged to dive into the more extensive training - when you're ready. We offer exclusive discounts to existing members to help you upgrade at a lower cost.

Our third party logistics services work for Amazon and Walmart sellers, who need an intermediary warehouse to store their products, or repack and ship them into Amazon fulfillment centers across North America. We have the most competitive rates for Canada, with rates for the US market coming soon. We also offer discounts on our 3PL services for our Amazon FBA done-for-you service clientele.

Please visit for more info.

Only you will know if you need our training and resources or not. If you're here, and believe more strategies, suppliers and mentorship would benefit you greatly, than the answer is probably yes. Our training focuses on wholesale dropshipping, brand building, Amazon FBA, and only from suppliers that fall within eBay and Amazon TOS. This is the future of reselling and, in our advanced training, we'll get you ahead of the competition, high in profit, and also fully automated services. 

Our digital ad mastery training focuses on a variety of online marketing strategies, both free and paid. Unless you have mastered everything under the sun when it comes to advertising your business, such as Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, etc, we're sure you'll learn something useful to boost your capabilities much further.

We teach wholesale dropshipping, and also include personal help with our training and our services, which makes the process of running and growing your business more simple for you. We understand the future of eCommerce, and bring that to each of our courses and services.

With our digital ad education, we teach a variety of methods that ACTUALLY WORK, based on our own experience. We've mastered the way to create ads, talk to leads and create converting content. You'll be smiling at the end of each week as you look at all your new leads and customers.

Our focus is on the success of our clients, which is why we offer complete LIFETIME access to the training AND our personal help in the support community with absolutely no extra fees beyond the initial purchase for the training programs. Are we crazy? Maybe. But we're passionate about helping others and will do anything we can (including add value for our members every single day) to watch our clients' sales grow exponentially.

Kevin Edgar is the owner and coach at SupremeCommerce Training. Kevin is the voice behind most of the videos, with almost 10 years of eCommerce experience, and 5 years in the investing field, Kevin has done millions in sales and has one of the most proven track records of serving others in the eCommerce industry. Leslie Lazaro, has years of experience in serving others in the eCommerce space and has an expertise in scaling and delegating tasks to further help expand eCommerce and related businesses. You can read more about them here.

Yes. Our programs are appreciated worldwide, with clients from many different countries. The training is focused on selling in the U.S (largest eCom marketplace in the world), Canada and Europe, with suppliers mostly based in these locations. However, you can run a dropshipping or wholesale business from elsewhere with little road blocks. If you are able to open a PayPal account, and your country is eligible to sell on Amazon, you're good to go. Otherwise, Shopify and day trading / investing can be done from virtually anywhere in the world - and in that case, Shopify or Trading would be the best fit for you.

Our digital ad programs can be used worldwide as well!

Yes definitely! We offer existing members discounts on all of our courses. If you're not yet a member, you can contact Kevin regarding available discounts.

Please visit the support community for your course, or Facebook group, where you'll receive the best answer from Kevin, Leslie and some of the other students. The link to your support community can be found on the COURSE HOME page. You can also reach out to us on Instagram and FB.

We offer our affiliates 30% commission on all course referral sales. In addition, our Bonus Rewards Program allows affiliates to earn free gifts, training, Apple products and vacation rewards as the referrals add up. The Done For You Amazon Services offers a 10% referral commission.

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