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What eCommerce Business Should You Start?

What eCommerce Business Should You Start?

You finally decided to start an eCommerce business. Now you are riddled with which eCommerce platform you should start with or what's best suited for you. We absolutely love Amazon as the first place to start with your eCommerce business. With Amazon you can quickly scale your business. Shopify is great but it takes a little bit more time. eBay is another platform but you won't be able to scale as much as Amazon. Let me break it down to you about each platform. 

With Amazon as your go to eCommerce business, there's a monthly cost of $40 for a professional account. You can list as many items as you want with no listing fee. There's a charge of 8-15% seller fees for most categories. You can already sell on pre-existing products (also known as piggybacking) and can scale your business quickly. The best part of piggybacking is you do not need to spend money on ads since it is already selling. This business model is very attractive and...

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