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6 Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

Increase Amazon Sales

Have you hit a road block and you're not quite sure what to do to increase Amazon sales? Well, you're in luck! We're here to share 6 tips to increase Amazon sales. These tips can be implemented whether the product is new listing or an old listing. Now, let's get into it!

1. Optimize Your Title
Using keywords is a great way to optimize your title on Amazon. It's one of the most important ways to improve your products findability. When you're optimizing your title on Amazon, you should first start with the most elementary information such as brand, product description, product line, material, colour, size, quantity, etc. This method is also extremely useful when you're creating a listing from scratch when you're dropshipping your own items via private label, or unbranded products. 

2. Pile on the Feedback
Let the feedback come naturally overtime because it's better to not get hung up on it or force reviews. Although, you can request a review on the orders...

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SEO on Amazon

SEO on Amazon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways of online marketing, and you can use it on Amazon too. SEO helps your products to show up on the first page of Amazon organically, over time and after being ranked. Needless to say, that it will boost your sales ranking.

The best way to use SEO on Amazon is finding keywords using the predictive search bar and cross-referencing it on a keyword tool such as MerchantWords and using the best keyword in the beginning of your title, and throughout the listing. Having multiple keywords throughout your bullet points and description is also a great asset. Amazon isn't the only one who ranks your item- search engines will also like your product listing if it is well crafted and full of easy SEO content.

Using keywords for SEO on Amazon is one of the most important ways to improve your products findability. When you're filling keywords for SEO on Amazon, you should first start with the most elementary information...

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10 Dropshipping Tips for Entrepreneurs

10 Dropshipping Tips for Entrepreneurs

We teach our students dropshipping whether it's with Amazon, Shopify or eBay. Everything is taught step by step. However, here are some great tips when it comes to dropshipping if you're new at it.

Any products that you want to sell, make sure you're getting them from a reputable supplier. While you're looking for a good supplier that works for you, you can also look at the prices that have a lower cost. Lower cost on the item you want to sell equals higher profit margins for yourself.

When customers are shopping around, they want to purchase items that have a great perceived value. By pricing your items at a good value, you will attract customers to your business. If you have under-priced items, customers may think that item isn't of great value or "cheap".

Customers love receiving some type of offer. When creating an offer, it doesn't...

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