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Cons of Selling on Walmart

Cons of Selling on Walmart

Welcome back! In this blog we are going over some of the cons selling on Walmart. In the last blog, we went over the pros of selling on Walmart so make sure to go check that out before reading today's blog! Selling on Walmart is a great opportunity for eCommerce sellers that would like another source of income. But like other eCommerce platforms, there are some cons. Let's get into it!

Walmart Approval
Before you are able to sell on Walmart, you have to go through the hurdle of being approved to sell on Walmart. It's not an easy peasy process. Many people get their applications denied if they don't know what they're doing. The unfortunate thing is sometimes you're going to need to register a new LLC or company to start the application process again.

Low Profit Margins
Walmart is known for its low prices for their customers. For sellers to be able to sell their products, they would need to have affordable prices which means profit margins could be...

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