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Private Label vs. Wholesale on Amazon

Private Label vs. Wholesale on Amazon

Welcome back to another eCommerce battle. This round is private label vs. wholesale on Amazon. You don't necessarily need to do one over the other, you can actually do both if you want. However, if you want to stick with one then keep on reading to help you make an informed decision on which you'd like to do.

As an FYI, regardless of the private label vs. wholesale on Amazon, you CAN dropship doing either or both. 

So what exactly is private label? Private label is using a manufacturer's or third-party sellers generic products but re-marketing under your business/retail name with your packaging and logo. Private label is a super profitable business model when done properly, the unfortunate reality is that for most people, it's costly. How is it costly? Most private label sellers use amazon FBA and buy upfront - and follow YouTube videos where you’re told to spend money on ads for every single product.  


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