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Millionaire Mindset, eCommerce Millionaires and What They Don't Tell You


Millionaire Mindset, eCommerce Millionaires and What They Don't Tell You

When you are scrolling through social media, the first thing you might probably see are extremely basic and broad advice from someone who is successful and is making millions or multiple millions of dollars. These successful entrepreneurs have at least seven streams of income. In most cases this is true, at least 50% of entrepreneurs have multiple streams of income, at least 5, 6, or 7. What they do not tell you is that no body starts a business without first developing a skill. You can earn from solely as a standalone skill or a high-income skill.  

Those who try to start a business without developing any sort of skill whatsoever usually fail with an online business or affiliate marketing, unless you pay someone to do it for you (such as a done for you service). The affiliate marketing industry has such a high failure rate and not because affiliate marketing is difficult. It is due to time consumption,...

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