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Real Estate For Newbies!


Real Estate For Newbies!

Real estate is another avenue to receive revenue from. Real estate for newbies is a great video that goes over the few different methods and models such as wholesale real estate, multi-unit rental properties, buying and holding, and fixing and flipping.

Buying and holding is the worst way to turn a profit. This method is a long term process to make a profit and there's a lot of different variables, which Kevin eloquently explains. This is not a great way for any real estate newbies

Multi-unit rental properties is one of the best ways to turn a profit. This is in terms of residential multi-units. Kevin suggests that when you are doing multi-unit rental properties that you should do a quadplex or a small apartment building (8-12 units) because there's a lot of power when it comes to renting one single rental unit because of the passive income.

Fixing and flipping is another great way to turn a profit, but takes a bit more effort. You would need to put a...

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