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2 Ways to Sell on Amazon


2 Ways to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is an awesome eCommerce platform to start a business whether you are a beginner or experienced. Best way to sell on Amazon is via dropshipping which is less capital intensive than FBA. Did you know that there are 2 ways to sell on Amazon? The 2 ways are listing branded products or unbranded products. Some have preferences on what they want to do or they do a mixture of both. Personally, we do both.

List and sell branded products that are already selling and ranked by Amazon. With the right suppliers, this is the simplest way to list as well as grow a substantial business.  However, with the levels of competition, profit margins are usually a bit smaller but it is still the fastest way to scale an Amazon business and it is still very profitable. The great thing about selling branded products is that you do not need to run ads or PPC because it is an item that's been ranked and selling - it essentially cuts some of the work out for you.


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Selling On Amazon Canada | Dropshipping Piggyback And Original Listing Creation


Selling On Amazon Canada | Dropshipping Piggyback And Original Listing Creation

In this video, it covers how to sell on Amazon Canada, which is the same methodology used to sell on Amazon US. 

Some topics that being covered are:

  • Extensions and resources that you can use
  • How to research products for piggybacks and originals
  • Suppliers
  • Sales ranks
  • Keywords and more

This is great video to give you an extra push to help you succeed in your eCommerce business, or just to gain a better understanding.

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WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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