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Welcome to the SupremeCommerce Training blog! Where we discuss in depth about eCommerce, Amazon, dropshipping, digital marketing and investing, this blog is designed to keep you up to date with all things business and wealth.

Amazon Selling Tricks

Amazon Selling Tricks

Need some tips and tricks to increase sales on your Amazon store? Or maybe you need some advice before you start listing your items. Here are four Amazon selling tricks you can change or implement on your existing or future product listings.

Just having a generic and most basic details about the product you are selling is not enticing to potential customers. You cannot sell a customer your product with generic and basic details, especially when they cannot hold and feel the product. The customer can only view it online. This is why optimizing your product details is crucial. Having an in-depth product detail will not only help sell the product to the customer, but they will have a better understanding. It is almost equivalent to asking a sales rep at a store about the details of the product they want to purchase.

A great pricing strategy that you should be implementing in your business(es). This...

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How to Grow a Business Fast with Amazon


Grow a Business Fast with Amazon

In this video blog, Kevin goes over the fastest way to scale your Amazon business and which method that you should do to be able to grow a business fast with Amazon.

FBA and Private Label is the slowest way to grow your Amazon business AND it's highly capital intensive. It can also take 1-2 months for the products to arrive, to package, to label and to disperse to the proper warehouses. Essentially, you're putting all your eggs in 1 product basket. Although FBA is great, it has many pitfalls that FBM doesn’t.

The two methods that Kevin goes by is dropshipping and FBM. You can easily list 100s of products and start getting sales in the same time period as someone who lists one item for FBA. 

FBA can still be great but should not be the first method to do. All of this and more is explained in the video with a lot of great information and it can help you make a better informed decision on which route to take in terms to grow a business fast...

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Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

There are a few basic but very important rules of thumb and things that a lot of entrepreneurs don't always think about. Not sure what I'm talking about? Or maybe you have an idea where this is going. These are a few ways to increase the value of your Shopify business.

Believe it or not, blogs do play a crucial role in your business. Blogs can attract new customers organically, and it could also be used for email sequence. However, it can't just be any type of blog. It needs to be relevant to you and your business. Blogs should be quality content. Blogs are an awesome tool that you can utilize to increase traffic. At least post a blog at least once a month minimum. Try to aim 500-1000+ words. Blogs can help build trust with potential customers. Don't be afraid to share your blogs on social media. This will help with SEO too. You can definitely outsource this part unless you enjoy the blogging yourself.


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10 Reasons to Start A Dropshipping Business

10 Reasons to Start A Dropshipping Business

There's a lot of opportunities with a dropshipping business, that everyone should be taking advantage of.  It's one of the fastest way to earn with eCommerce. We're here to drop 10 reasons why you should jump into action and start with this amazing opportunity. 

Luckily starting an eCommerce business is a low startup cost, especially when you're doing the business by dropshipping. It's even more affordable when you do everything yourself in the beginning, instead of paying $20, 000+ to get someone else to do it for you. You're better off purchasing a training program that teaches you exactly what to do at a lower cost such as our DIY Amazon Automation for $1297 than paying $20, 000+. We'll dive a little deeper when it comes to the profits later on.

Another great reason to start a dropshipping business is you don't need to have stock or inventory at your home or your warehouse or whatever...

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