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Created by the owner and business coach of SupremeCommerce dropship training and digital ad education, this blog is all things home-based business, dropshipping and online marketing. Resources for entrepreneurs in any field. 

10 Dropshipping Tips for Entrepreneurs

We teach our students dropshipping whether it with Amazon, Shopify or eBay. Everything is taught step by step. However, here are some great tips when it comes to dropshipping if you're new at it.

Any products that you want to sell, make sure you're getting them from a reputable supplier. While you're looking for a good supplier that works for you, you can also look at the prices that have a lower cost. Lower cost on the item you want to sell equals higher profit margins for yourself.

When customers are shopping around, they want to purchase items that have a great perceived value. By pricing your items at a good value, you will attract customers to your business. If you have under-priced items, customers may think that item isn't of great value or "cheap".

Customers love receiving some type of offer. When creating an offer, it doesn't need to be something completely...

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WHY ARE NO AMAZON SELLERS DOING THIS!? PART 2 - Biggest Amazon Newbie Mistakes


A continuation of last week's video blog of BRAND building with dropshipping and not doing FBA.

You don't have to purchase any items upfront- it's VERY low risk, and you only place an order AFTER you make a sale. However, if the item starts selling consistently and it's proven then you can make the executive decision if you'd like to start FBA.

Keep in mind before you start FBA also consider the margins before jumping the gun. 

Make sure to watch part 1 if you haven't already!

Check out more videos here:

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Selling On Amazon BRAND Building Without FBA | WHY IS NO ONE DOING THIS PART 1


You're able to build a brand without having to do FBA. FBA is capital intensive if you're sourcing your own products. Dropshipping is less capital intensive, and you can prove validity and get a product to sell without ordering 500 or 1000 units and spending money upfront.

Once a product is proven and is consistently selling you can send it to FBA. However, before you do, you also want to take a look at if it's worth sending to FBA based off if the margins are higher than dropshipping.

Over 90% of Amazon sellers don't do this. This video goes in depth with all that great knowledge. 

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What Is Dropshipping Explained Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners | eCommerce 2020


What Is Dropshipping Explained Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners | eCommerce 2020

This video covers what dropshipping is, how it works - step by step in UNDER 5

minutes. Why would we waste 40 minutes of your time unless I was providing you

some real value? So when you see a 30-45 minute video on our channel - believe that

it's PURE value :)


Want to learn more from Kevin in regards to eCommerce business?

Check out his YouTube channel here:

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Selling On Amazon Canada | Dropshipping Piggyback And Original Listing Creation


Selling On Amazon Canada | Dropshipping Piggyback And Original Listing Creation

In this video, it covers how to sell on Amazon Canada, which is the same methodology used to sell on Amazon US. 

Some topics that being covered are:

  • Extensions and resources that you can use
  • How to research products for piggybacks and originals
  • Suppliers
  • Sales ranks
  • Keywords and more

This is great video to give you an extra push to help you succeed in your eCommerce business, or just to gain a better understanding.

Want to learn more from Kevin in regards to eCommerce business?

Check out his YouTube channel here:

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What Exactly IS Dropshipping and How Does it Work?


The video above shows some examples of suppliers you can use for selling on eBay and Amazon, PLUS it shows how to use Aliexpress like no one else does. Very cool!

NOTE: *Retail dropshipping is risky and we don't suggest it. In our courses we teach brand building and wholesale dropshipping*


When first starting out on eBay or Amazon, for some, it's difficult to grasp the concept of dropshipping, while for others, it comes so naturally it's like they were made to do this. If you're the former of the two, don't sweat it. You think everyone mastered their craft the first day they attempted it? No way. You have to learn as you go, and you'll do great. Think of this as the first step - learning about the business and how it works.

First of all, dropshipping is a business model that allows online entrepreneurs to sell products to their customers without ever actually having an inventory of the items or stocking the items themselves. It’s said to be the easiest way to make...

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Brand New eBay and Amazon Sellers: "What Do I Sell?"

This is one of the most common questions I get asked by new sellers. When you're thinking of anything under the sun, it can get overwhelming. Instead of having the mindset that you can sell anything in existence, think about common things you can find on eBay or Amazon. From there, I'm going to break it down even further for you - into some popular categories you can focus on, including what works and what doesn't.

Some products are a breeze to sell, while some will create loads of customer service that YOU will have to deal with! It's important to figure this out as close to the beginning as possible, and I'm here to give you a jump start.

 What CAN I Sell on eBay and Amazon?

The real answer is you can sell almost anything you want. From things like hanging wall art, extravagant bedding sets and raised outdoor pet beds to remote control cars, golf sets and chocolate-covered pretzels. And everything in between. 

BUT the important thing to note is that not everything works....

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