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Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

Did you know that you can dropship using Facebook Marketplace? Well, as a matter of fact you can. Many eCommerce businesses are expanding onto this platform. US Facebook Marketplace offers shipment and payment through the marketplace, whereas Canada hasn't quite reached to where US is. 

Facebook Marketplace started out as using the platform to sell things locally, usually pre-owned items. However, over time FBMP has become another eCommerce platform that sellers can use. It's a similar method that you would use on Amazon. 

If you're going to dropship on FBMP, best route to take is wholesale dropshipping, and a lot more sustainable for longterm growth. You're in control of your business in terms of warehousing, packing and shipping. Prices from the manufacture doesn't fluctuate as much like retailers do. 

You could also do retail arbitrage. It is another great business model if you are willing to package and ship the items from...

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How To Scale An Amazon Business Without Investing In Products, Ads or FBA | Best Ways To Dropship


How To Scale An Amazon Business Without Investing In Products, Ads or FBA | Best Ways To Dropship

In this short video, I talk about scaling your Amazon business without having to spend money upfront on products, Ads, or using FBA

Dropshipping is less capital intensive- you only spend once you make a sale. You can prove validity and get a product to sell.

Dropshipping is a much better method than spending upfront by purchasing 500-1000 units on a product to do FBA not knowing if it'll be a hit or miss.

Using our methodology, you won't have to invest in Ads to get your products selling.

I touch on the best ways to dropship and how to do it well without using retailers.

Check out more videos here:

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar


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