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Forex PIPs and Common Currency Pairs

Forex PIPs and Common Currency Pairs

Another day, another dollar. Let’s learn a bit more about PIPs and pairs. The most common currency trading are as follows: USD (U.S. dollar), JPY (Japanese Yen), GPB (Great British Pound), CAD (Canadian dollar), and EUR (Euro). Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about PIPs and what it is.


A PIP is an abbreviation for price interest point. PIP is a measurement tool that is used within currency pairs which correlates to the smallest price movement made by any change of the currency exchange rate. Most currency pairs, except JPY, are quoted to the fourth decimal position or one-hundredth of one percent. This means that smallest change in the currency pair would be the last figure. JPY denominated currency pairs are quoted to the second decimal position. A one PIP difference can equate to a consequential profit or loss, even though it is a small measurement unit. As an example, if we entered a trade for EUR/USD and we...

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