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WHY ARE NO AMAZON SELLERS DOING THIS!? PART 2 - Biggest Amazon Newbie Mistakes


A continuation of last week's video blog of BRAND building with dropshipping and not doing FBA.

You don't have to purchase any items upfront- it's VERY low risk, and you only place an order AFTER you make a sale. However, if the item starts selling consistently and it's proven then you can make the executive decision if you'd like to start FBA.

Keep in mind before you start FBA also consider the margins before jumping the gun. 

Make sure to watch part 1 if you haven't already!

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Selling On Amazon BRAND Building Without FBA | WHY IS NO ONE DOING THIS PART 1


You're able to build a brand without having to do FBA. FBA is capital intensive if you're sourcing your own products. Dropshipping is less capital intensive, and you can prove validity and get a product to sell without ordering 500 or 1000 units and spending money upfront.

Once a product is proven and is consistently selling you can send it to FBA. However, before you do, you also want to take a look at if it's worth sending to FBA based off if the margins are higher than dropshipping.

Over 90% of Amazon sellers don't do this. This video goes in depth with all that great knowledge. 

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