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How Risky Is Dropshipping?

Is Dropshipping risky or beneficial?

Dropshipping can help a seller to bypass upstream processes by delivering products straight to the customer by using a third party to ship products. By doing this a company does not have to retain the physical presence of product inventory as the product goes straight to a customer. Through this one can save enormous operating costs of the business as supply chain management (which has a lot of operating costs) because this becomes a third party's responsibility. There are many benefits and cons associated with this kind of a business model, and we will be looking at these today:




Lower costs:

The main benefit behind this type of business model is the lower operating costs associated with doing business, and the sheer scalability. As the costs that are associated with supply chain and other upstream processes of doing a normal business are high, when these processes are outsourced to a third party, then the costs become...

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