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Amazon vs. Shopify

Amazon vs. Shopify

Another week, another battle between Amazon vs. Shopify. Both are really great platforms to start your eCommerce business. But which platform is best to start with? Personally, we believe Amazon is the best platform to start with, especially when you're new to the eCommerce business world. Here's some great information on each platform, and towards the end you'll know exactly why we choose Amazon as your first stop.

Selling on Amazon is the best eCommerce platform to use hands down. Amazon has 100s of millions of customers. It’s the largest platform to date and has a relatively small learning curve with how we teach it. You don't need a niche or focus only on 1 product - this is limited thinking. You should sell in 1-2+ Major categories. You can sell thousands of products already ranked and selling on Amazon, which makes scaling your business much more simple. You can build a brand with Amazon and focus not only scaling the business quick, but scaling a long...

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