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Welcome to the SupremeCommerce Training blog! Where we discuss in depth about eCommerce, Amazon, dropshipping, digital marketing and investing, this blog is designed to keep you up to date with all things business and wealth.

Amazon vs eBay

Amazon vs. eBay


Deciding to take the plunge and start your eCommerce business? That’s great, we’re here to help you with every step of the way. Are you deciding between Amazon or eBay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll break it down for you with Amazon versus eBay.


eBay in general typically has lower fees than most Amazon categories – but Amazon categories such as electronics have lower fees. eBay charges 10% final value fee (FVF), while Amazon charges 15%. eBay charges a PayPal fee (2.9% of the sale price plus a flat rate of $0.30), whereas Amazon does not. eBay sellers keep an average of 5.13% more of their profits than if they sold on Amazon. However, Amazon is 10x bigger than eBay – which means it’s a more suitable platform to scale your business HUGE!


Amazon has 100s of millions of customers, whereas eBay has 10s of millions of customers. Amazon is easier to list on pre-existing products, and eBay is...

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Foundational Wealth vs Generational Wealth Building


Foundational Wealth vs Generational Wealth Building

Building a foundation is the most important thing when it comes to longterm sustainability and wealth generation. What about 3 years from now? What about 5 years from now? What about 10+ years from now?

This is where generational wealth comes into play. Without looking 5+ years into the future, how will you forecast having any wealth beyond that point?

This vlog above explains it all to you. Make sure not to skip through it :)

Want to learn more from Kevin about wealth building with eCommerce online business and day trading? 

Check out his YouTube channel here:

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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Tips For Starting With Forex And Day Trading

Tips for Beginning with Forex


As some of you may heard, big things are coming to our platform - or already here (May 1st, 2020!)

SupremeCommerce Training has entered the world of Forex to bring you another pillar for your foundational wealth building.


If you are looking into earning extra income, we highly recommend for you to start building your foundation for wealth with an eCommerce business, such as Amazon or Shopify. With an eCommerce business you can start earning quickly in short-term, whereas, with Forex, though you can earn short-term, it is more of a long-term earning process.


However, if you are 100% sure you want to start with Forex, then here are some tips for you:


  • Do not put your entire savings into it; start off with $300+ - the more the better, as long as it is funds you can afford to risk.
  • If you are a beginner or just starting off, start with a broker such as my favorite:  LQDFX or Hugosway, and a demo account on MT4 for about...
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Selling Bundles On Amazon The Easy Way


In this video blog, I go over the EASY WAY for bundling on Amazon, and without using FBA.

Keeping other sellers off your listings is important. But as a dropshipper, how do we do this? Building a brand of course.

And... Selling bundles with a small branded item of yours.

Amazon seems to like bundles, you'll see the 2 sales ranks on the products I highlighted in this video.

I sell about 40-60 bundle units a day using this exact method, and what I show in this video - dropshipping with originals, bundles and brand building. These methods accounts for about 80% of my Amazon sales (6-10k a day and growing).

Want to learn how to do this in depth and have someone coach you step by step?

Mastering Amazon

Another great way to add bundled items is from Aliexpress and if you're selling in the US, you can use "US Ship From" on Aliexpress and they will ship in 1 week - not one month.

Checkout our YouTube channel!

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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How Risky Is Dropshipping?

Is Dropshipping risky or beneficial?

Dropshipping can help a seller to bypass upstream processes by delivering products straight to the customer by using a third party to ship products. By doing this a company does not have to retain the physical presence of product inventory as the product goes straight to a customer. Through this one can save enormous operating costs of the business as supply chain management (which has a lot of operating costs) because this becomes a third party's responsibility. There are many benefits and cons associated with this kind of a business model, and we will be looking at these today:




Lower costs:

The main benefit behind this type of business model is the lower operating costs associated with doing business, and the sheer scalability. As the costs that are associated with supply chain and other upstream processes of doing a normal business are high, when these processes are outsourced to a third party, then the costs become...

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What Exactly IS Dropshipping and How Does it Work?


The video above shows some examples of suppliers you can use for selling on eBay and Amazon, PLUS it shows how to use Aliexpress like no one else does. Very cool!

NOTE: *Retail dropshipping is risky and we don't suggest it. In our courses we teach brand building and wholesale dropshipping*


When first starting out on eBay or Amazon, for some, it's difficult to grasp the concept of dropshipping, while for others, it comes so naturally it's like they were made to do this. If you're the former of the two, don't sweat it. You think everyone mastered their craft the first day they attempted it? No way. You have to learn as you go, and you'll do great. Think of this as the first step - learning about the business and how it works.

First of all, dropshipping is a business model that allows online entrepreneurs to sell products to their customers without ever actually having an inventory of the items or stocking the items themselves. It’s said to be the easiest way to make...

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Brand New eBay and Amazon Sellers: "What Do I Sell?"

This is one of the most common questions I get asked by new sellers. When you're thinking of anything under the sun, it can get overwhelming. Instead of having the mindset that you can sell anything in existence, think about common things you can find on eBay or Amazon. From there, I'm going to break it down even further for you - into some popular categories you can focus on, including what works and what doesn't.

Some products are a breeze to sell, while some will create loads of customer service that YOU will have to deal with! It's important to figure this out as close to the beginning as possible, and I'm here to give you a jump start.

 What CAN I Sell on eBay and Amazon?

The real answer is you can sell almost anything you want. From things like hanging wall art, extravagant bedding sets and raised outdoor pet beds to remote control cars, golf sets and chocolate-covered pretzels. And everything in between. 

BUT the important thing to note is that not everything works....

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