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Welcome to the SupremeCommerce Training blog! Where we discuss in depth about eCommerce, Amazon, dropshipping, digital marketing and investing, this blog is designed to keep you up to date with all things business and wealth.

Amazon Private Label

Amazon Private Label

There are many ways of selling products on Amazon's platform using the dropshipping methodology or FBA. As a seller you can piggyback, create original listings or private label. What is private label you might ask? Amazon private label is using a manufacturer's generic products but remarketing under your business/retail name with your packaging and logo. It's a super profitable business model when done properly, the unfortunate reality is that for most people, it's costly. Most private label sellers use amazon FBA and buy upfront - and follow YouTube videos where you’re told to spend money on ads for every single product. When done properly, you can do it without spending much on ads, but not many people teach this - we do!

Now, before you start with private label, there are a few things to consider. You decided to take the Amazon private label route, now what should you do? First you need to do your research on the product that you would...

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SEO on Amazon

SEO on Amazon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways of online marketing, and you can use it on Amazon too. SEO helps your products to show up on the first page of Amazon organically, over time and after being ranked. Needless to say, that it will boost your sales ranking.

The best way to use SEO on Amazon is finding keywords using the predictive search bar and cross-referencing it on a keyword tool such as MerchantWords and using the best keyword in the beginning of your title, and throughout the listing. Having multiple keywords throughout your bullet points and description is also a great asset. Amazon isn't the only one who ranks your item- search engines will also like your product listing if it is well crafted and full of easy SEO content.

Using keywords for SEO on Amazon is one of the most important ways to improve your products findability. When you're filling keywords for SEO on Amazon, you should first start with the most elementary information...

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2 Ways to Sell on Amazon


2 Ways to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is an awesome eCommerce platform to start a business whether you are a beginner or experienced. Best way to sell on Amazon is via dropshipping which is less capital intensive than FBA. Did you know that there are 2 ways to sell on Amazon? The 2 ways are listing branded products or unbranded products. Some have preferences on what they want to do or they do a mixture of both. Personally, we do both.

List and sell branded products that are already selling and ranked by Amazon. With the right suppliers, this is the simplest way to list as well as grow a substantial business.  However, with the levels of competition, profit margins are usually a bit smaller but it is still the fastest way to scale an Amazon business and it is still very profitable. The great thing about selling branded products is that you do not need to run ads or PPC because it is an item that's been ranked and selling - it essentially cuts some of the work out for you.


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Amazon Selling Tricks

Amazon Selling Tricks

Need some tips and tricks to increase sales on your Amazon store? Or maybe you need some advice before you start listing your items. Here are four Amazon selling tricks you can change or implement on your existing or future product listings.

Just having a generic and most basic details about the product you are selling is not enticing to potential customers. You cannot sell a customer your product with generic and basic details, especially when they cannot hold and feel the product. The customer can only view it online. This is why optimizing your product details is crucial. Having an in-depth product detail will not only help sell the product to the customer, but they will have a better understanding. It is almost equivalent to asking a sales rep at a store about the details of the product they want to purchase.

A great pricing strategy that you should be implementing in your business(es). This...

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How to Grow a Business Fast with Amazon


Grow a Business Fast with Amazon

In this video blog, Kevin goes over the fastest way to scale your Amazon business and which method that you should do to be able to grow a business fast with Amazon.

FBA and Private Label is the slowest way to grow your Amazon business AND it's highly capital intensive. It can also take 1-2 months for the products to arrive, to package, to label and to disperse to the proper warehouses. Essentially, you're putting all your eggs in 1 product basket. Although FBA is great, it has many pitfalls that FBM doesn’t.

The two methods that Kevin goes by is dropshipping and FBM. You can easily list 100s of products and start getting sales in the same time period as someone who lists one item for FBA. 

FBA can still be great but should not be the first method to do. All of this and more is explained in the video with a lot of great information and it can help you make a better informed decision on which route to take in terms to grow a business fast...

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Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

There are a few basic but very important rules of thumb and things that a lot of entrepreneurs don't always think about. Not sure what I'm talking about? Or maybe you have an idea where this is going. These are a few ways to increase the value of your Shopify business.

Believe it or not, blogs do play a crucial role in your business. Blogs can attract new customers organically, and it could also be used for email sequence. However, it can't just be any type of blog. It needs to be relevant to you and your business. Blogs should be quality content. Blogs are an awesome tool that you can utilize to increase traffic. At least post a blog at least once a month minimum. Try to aim 500-1000+ words. Blogs can help build trust with potential customers. Don't be afraid to share your blogs on social media. This will help with SEO too. You can definitely outsource this part unless you enjoy the blogging yourself.


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Amazon vs. eBay vs. Shopify


Another battle of the eCommerce platforms. This time we are diving in between Amazon vs. eBay vs. Shopify. All three platforms are great to start an eCommerce business. However, each have their pros and cons. We personally like Amazon the most, followed by Shopify, and eBay. Let's break it down between the three platforms.

Selling on Amazon, there's a monthly cost of $40 for a professional account. It's $0 to list items, so you can list as many as you want. There's a charge of 8-15% seller fees for most categories. You can already sell on pre-existing products (also known as piggybacking) and can scale your business FAST. But, you can also build a brand and have brand recognition. Building a brand becomes a long term sustainable business where you can scale your business HUGE in the long run. There's no need to spend money on ads when piggybacking since the items are already selling which makes it very attractive and lucrative for...

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8 Bad Money Habits

Bad Money Habits

Many people have a lot of bad money habits. Sometimes people don't realize what they're doing is considered poor money choices. To get to a better place with your money, you need to be able to identify the bad money habits that you have. Here's a list of 9 bad money habits.

Not tracking the expenses you're incurring on a weekly or monthly basis results to poor money management. This could potentially be one of the many causes as to why you have little to no funds in the bank. Solution: Look at your weekly and monthly expenses and look at what your income is. Cut out anything that isn't necessary and budget the rest until you start seeing decent amount of funds in your wallet.

When you don't invest, you're leaving money on the table. Investments are great but they are long term gain. Solution: Start saving a bit of money, even if you have $100 it's still something that you can invest.


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3 Best Ways to Earn Online

Earning Online

One of the simplest way to earn extra income is earning online. There are many opportunities to earn online so you can be in the comfort of your home, and build a better life. You can start an eCommerce business, do affiliate marketing, day trading, etc. Well, here's the 3 of the best ways to earning online.

First up we have Amazon. It's doesn't take much to get started, as long as you have the right resources and guidance. It's also something you can do before or after work, or even on weekends. Realistically, you just need to be able to dedicate one to two hours a day. If you can do more, then that's great. There's the ability to scale your business to 6-7 figures. Heck, the minute you're earning online more than your 9-5 pays you like, then you can quit!

Selling on Amazon is the best eCommerce platform to use hands down. It’s the largest and has a relatively small learning curve with how we teach it. You don't need a niche or focus only on 1 product - this is...

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How to Build Wealth



Having a single business can be high risk when it comes to building wealth. It's best to have multiple business or simply just having multiple sources of income. It's important to have a foundation for long term sustainability. You never know when one of those pillars could be knocked down. 

Building wealth can come in many forms such as eCommerce, day trading, real estate, etc. Multiple sources of income and business will have more security than just one source of income. Especially when we don't know what could happen down the road. Different business models could become obsolete. This is why you should think long term and be prepared.

In this video, Kevin dives deeper into building wealth with dropshipping, Amazon, and Day Trading with a little sprinkle of mindset.

Check out more of Kevin's videos here:
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WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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