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Welcome to the SupremeCommerce Training blog! Where we discuss in depth about eCommerce, Amazon, dropshipping, digital marketing and investing, this blog is designed to keep you up to date with all things business and wealth.

8 Bad Money Habits

Bad Money Habits

Many people have a lot of bad money habits. Sometimes people don't realize what they're doing is considered poor money choices. To get to a better place with your money, you need to be able to identify the bad money habits that you have. Here's a list of 9 bad money habits.

Not tracking the expenses you're incurring on a weekly or monthly basis results to poor money management. This could potentially be one of the many causes as to why you have little to no funds in the bank. Solution: Look at your weekly and monthly expenses and look at what your income is. Cut out anything that isn't necessary and budget the rest until you start seeing decent amount of funds in your wallet.

When you don't invest, you're leaving money on the table. Investments are great but they are long term gain. Solution: Start saving a bit of money, even if you have $100 it's still something that you can invest.


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3 Best Ways to Earn Online

Earning Online

One of the simplest way to earn extra income is earning online. There are many opportunities to earn online so you can be in the comfort of your home, and build a better life. You can start an eCommerce business, do affiliate marketing, day trading, etc. Well, here's the 3 of the best ways to earning online.

First up we have Amazon. It's doesn't take much to get started, as long as you have the right resources and guidance. It's also something you can do before or after work, or even on weekends. Realistically, you just need to be able to dedicate one to two hours a day. If you can do more, then that's great. There's the ability to scale your business to 6-7 figures. Heck, the minute you're earning online more than your 9-5 pays you like, then you can quit!

Selling on Amazon is the best eCommerce platform to use hands down. It’s the largest and has a relatively small learning curve with how we teach it. You don't need a niche or focus only on 1 product - this is...

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How to Build Wealth



Having a single business can be high risk when it comes to building wealth. It's best to have multiple business or simply just having multiple sources of income. It's important to have a foundation for long term sustainability. You never know when one of those pillars could be knocked down. 

Building wealth can come in many forms such as eCommerce, day trading, real estate, etc. Multiple sources of income and business will have more security than just one source of income. Especially when we don't know what could happen down the road. Different business models could become obsolete. This is why you should think long term and be prepared.

In this video, Kevin dives deeper into building wealth with dropshipping, Amazon, and Day Trading with a little sprinkle of mindset.

Check out more of Kevin's videos here:
SupremeCommerce Youtube Channel

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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Selling on Amazon | Get Amazon To Give You Your Keywords Free



The majority of sellers on Amazon that are creating listings from scratch, are use to having a budget for advertising or Amazon PPC. What I'm talking about in this video and in this weeks blog is when it comes to selling on Amazon you don't always need to spend money on advertising.

The best way to find Amazon keywords - Amazon. By using the predictive search bar and cross referencing your keywords on tools like MerchantWords, you can get your products to sell without spending on ads! The key here is to make sure you follow the process in this video.

BONUS: If you can't get your product to sell in 3-4 weeks without ads, you still don't want to resort what the 98% do - spend on ads. Instead, what you want to do is run a 50% off coupon launch on websites like VIPON, and mark your product up to 55-60% so when you sell it at 50% off on VIPON, etc you're in PROFIT during the promotional phase where 98% Amazon sellers go into the negative.

This gives you a...

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Selling On Shopify WITHOUT Facebook Ads, AliExpress or Paid Marketing | Volume Selling & Branding


Selling On Shopify WITHOUT Facebook Ads, AliExpress or Paid Marketing

Scaling with volume and building a loyal customer base is 100x more valuable, important and more PROFITABLE than the classic 1 product store. Staying focused on customer retention and acquisition instead of how to find a trending product, or mastering FB ads, and using free marketplaces and methods makes it 10x easier to scale and grow your business.

Selling on Shopify without Facebook ads, AliExpress or paid marketing is a method that we've been teaching all of our students. It's all about having a long term sustainable business and building a brand to have those customers coming back to you.

This video goes more into depth into selling on Shopify without Facebook ads, AliExpress or paid marketing and volume selling and brand building.

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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Scalp vs Swing Trades and Why Scalps are Better

Scalp vs Swing Trades

Before we get into scalp vs swing trades and why scalps are better, we're going to break it down to what each is. A scalp trade is when traders/investors make numerous profitable trades on small price changes, but done quickly. You're basically going in and then right out. A swing trade is when traders/investors when you hold open a trade for a day or more hoping it'll be a profitable trade. 

Scalp and swing trades are two of the most common short term trading methods. With scalps you're making smaller but quicker trades, and with swing trades you're making bigger but longer trades. Both require concentration, but scalps need a higher concentration level than swings. Swing trades are higher risk when you're trading whereas scalps have lower risk. 

Swing trades are great for those who are beginning with trading to those who are advanced with trading. The level of stress between both trades differ, scalps are a higher stress level than swings which is...

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10 Reasons to Start A Dropshipping Business

10 Reasons to Start A Dropshipping Business

There's a lot of opportunities with a dropshipping business, that everyone should be taking advantage of.  It's one of the fastest way to earn with eCommerce. We're here to drop 10 reasons why you should jump into action and start with this amazing opportunity. 

Luckily starting an eCommerce business is a low startup cost, especially when you're doing the business by dropshipping. It's even more affordable when you do everything yourself in the beginning, instead of paying $20, 000+ to get someone else to do it for you. You're better off purchasing a training program that teaches you exactly what to do at a lower cost such as our DIY Amazon Automation for $1297 than paying $20, 000+. We'll dive a little deeper when it comes to the profits later on.

Another great reason to start a dropshipping business is you don't need to have stock or inventory at your home or your warehouse or whatever...

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Finding Products to Sell on Amazon


Finding Products to Sell on Amazon

The most important keys to finding successful products to sell on Amazon is competitive or dominating products with good pricing and a mixture of low to high keywords. One of the areas that people struggle with most on their Amazon businesses is finding products to sell on Amazon.

Once you pick two to three major categories it just comes down to putting in the work, researching products as shown in the video above! It's not rocket science, it just takes knowing the right strategy and putting in the work.

Want to watch more videos like this one? Check out Kevin's YouTube channel here:

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar

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Why Dropshipping Is The Best Online Business To Start For New Entrepreneurs Amazon And Mentorship


Why Dropshipping Is The Best Online Business To Start For New Entrepreneurs Amazon And Mentorship

In this video Kevin talks about how dropshipping is one of the best online business for new entrepreneurs that may not have a lot of funds to start with.

Dropshipping is less capital intensive which is helpful to those that are just starting off. It's also a methodology that's taught in some colleges and universities.

It's also one of the easiest and fastest way to scale and grow your eCommerce business. It comes down to investing in yourself and investing on training. It's also about finding the right coach and mentor. 

You can start off by getting free knowledge from Kevin's YouTube channel and the free coaching group - but it'll only get you so far. 

Take the time to watch this video as it goes indepth on dropshipping, business, mentorship, and coaching.

You can also check more of Kevin's YouTube videos here:

And you...

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Winning in 2020 with eCommerce

Winning in 2020 with eCommerce

There is still a few months left in 2020 and it's still enough time to get the ball rolling with your eCommerce business and to help you with your financial freedom. Don't use the excuse that you are going to wait for the new year. It's better to get out of your comfort zone now rather than later because chances are if you wait, you'll most likely be in the same position right now if you decided to wait.

Stop sitting on the couch and waiting. Nothing will get accomplished by doing so. Your way to financial freedom doesn't happen unless you start doing the work. Sitting around just prolongs you from running a successful eCommerce business. Just waiting around, you'll be letting a lot of opportunities to pass you by.

Start by waking up and make a change. What changes would you like to make now? 6 months from now? 1 year or 5 years from now? Jot it down on a piece of paper or type it somewhere on your smartphone. By jotting down what changes you'd like to...

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