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What Exactly IS Dropshipping and How Does it Work?


The video above shows some examples of suppliers you can use for selling on eBay and Amazon, PLUS it shows how to use Aliexpress like no one else does. Very cool!

NOTE: *Retail dropshipping is risky and we don't suggest it. In our courses we teach brand building and wholesale dropshipping*


When first starting out on eBay or Amazon, for some, it's difficult to grasp the concept of dropshipping, while for others, it comes so naturally it's like they were made to do this. If you're the former of the two, don't sweat it. You think everyone mastered their craft the first day they attempted it? No way. You have to learn as you go, and you'll do great. Think of this as the first step - learning about the business and how it works.

First of all, dropshipping is a business model that allows online entrepreneurs to sell products to their customers without ever actually having an inventory of the items or stocking the items themselves. It’s said to be the easiest way to make money online because you don’t need to stock the items.

In light of the numerous online stores that are available today, most dropshipping business newbies are always caught up in the dilemma of which online stores to use for their dropshipping business. I myself back in 2014 was caught up in between eBay, Amazon and Shopify. After doing my research, I chose eBay and Amazon. Of course I will share with you why, just read on.

Market Dominance: Today, Amazon is the most used search engine in terms of user consumer content. While eBay is one of the longest-standing platforms that first ventured into eCommerce. eBay accommodates both new and used items. Many customers even use these platforms to confirm price checks before making purchases – which is a plus for eBay dropshippers. In other words, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot or at all on marketing as traffic is assured due to a massive audience.


Now can you actually make Benjamins doing this online?

Starting Out Selling On eBay And Amazon


a HUGE bonus is you can save a lot money on generating traffic when dropshipping with Amazon or eBay, but not in Shopify as you have to make your ads and apply other traffic generating tactics at your own cost. Not to mention the dread of having to become an ad and marketing “guru” before seeing much results.


Opening a dropshipping account on any of these 2 platforms (eBay or Amazon) instantly gives you an edge in the market due to accessibility to a larger audience. In addition, with this larger audience factor that both Amazon and eBay offers, your chances of making more sales are limitless.

Furthermore, having a dropshipping business with both platforms is easy and effortless in that you can immediately you can create an account, and virtually start listing products and earning right away. Not to forget the success rate; the dropshipping model selling on both platforms have a success rate of above 85%. This means you have an 85% chance of being successful dropshipping on these platforms including over Shopify!

Drop-shipping is easy and productive if done properly on the right platform(s). This is why you need the right guidance to get started; which is what we provide here at SupremeCommerce Training.

If you want to get started into the world of dropshipping on the two best ecommerce platforms- Amazon, and eBay- to explore their financial potentials, start with our Launch Your Empire course (found on the homepage), or watch our YouTube series for more information.

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar



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