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SEO on Amazon

SEO on Amazon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways of online marketing, and you can use it on Amazon too. SEO helps your products to show up on the first page of Amazon organically, over time and after being ranked. Needless to say, that it will boost your sales ranking.

The best way to use SEO on Amazon is finding keywords using the predictive search bar and cross-referencing it on a keyword tool such as MerchantWords and using the best keyword in the beginning of your title, and throughout the listing. Having multiple keywords throughout your bullet points and description is also a great asset. Amazon isn't the only one who ranks your item- search engines will also like your product listing if it is well crafted and full of easy SEO content.

Using keywords for SEO on Amazon is one of the most important ways to improve your products findability. When you're filling keywords for SEO on Amazon, you should first start with the most elementary information such as brand, product description, product line, material, colour, size, quantity, etc. This is extremely useful when you're creating a listing from scratch when you're dropshipping your own items via private label, or unbranded products. 

SEO on Amazon represents the process of optimizing your product listing to rank higher in the product search results. You can accomplish this by thoroughly researching competitors and choosing relevant keywords or keyword phrases to target. When creating Amazon listings from scratch or building a brand or brands on Amazon - SEO (keywords/optimized copy and content) is vital to long term ranking and success for each product you list. Make sure you're using the right keywords and copy strategies for your listings and not just focus on product value and pricing.

The right backend keywords are just as important. These backend keywords are primarily hidden and utilized in your Amazon Seller Central account under the Search Terms fields. It's utilized to tell Amazon's algorithm that particular items that you have listed is targeting specific keywords. Make sure when you're using your Amazon backend that you're not repeating words, that you're not including different variations of the same word, include variations of the word being spelled, avoid using commas, and more.

SEO in general is definitely a skill worth learning. It's crucial to organic and long term growth for any online business. Take the time to learn and gain knowledge about SEO in general. If you don't do SEO on Amazon correctly, it can result to lower sales rank and fewer sales. Don't worry though, the more you research and practice, the better you will become with SEO.

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WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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