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The majority of sellers on Amazon that are creating listings from scratch, are use to having a budget for advertising or Amazon PPC. What I'm talking about in this video and in this weeks blog is when it comes to selling on Amazon you don't always need to spend money on advertising.

The best way to find Amazon keywords - Amazon. By using the predictive search bar and cross referencing your keywords on tools like MerchantWords, you can get your products to sell without spending on ads! The key here is to make sure you follow the process in this video.

BONUS: If you can't get your product to sell in 3-4 weeks without ads, you still don't want to resort what the 98% do - spend on ads. Instead, what you want to do is run a 50% off coupon launch on websites like VIPON, and mark your product up to 55-60% so when you sell it at 50% off on VIPON, etc you're in PROFIT during the promotional phase where 98% Amazon sellers go into the negative.

This gives you a massive advantage when selling on Amazon since you can list more products in a shorter period of time and save your money for scaling the bujsiness instead of dumpikng it on ads.

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WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar




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