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Real Estate For Newbies!


Real Estate For Newbies!

Real estate is another avenue to receive revenue from. Real estate for newbies is a great video that goes over the few different methods and models such as wholesale real estate, multi-unit rental properties, buying and holding, and fixing and flipping.

Buying and holding is the worst way to turn a profit. This method is a long term process to make a profit and there's a lot of different variables, which Kevin eloquently explains. This is not a great way for any real estate newbies

Multi-unit rental properties is one of the best ways to turn a profit. This is in terms of residential multi-units. Kevin suggests that when you are doing multi-unit rental properties that you should do a quadplex or a small apartment building (8-12 units) because there's a lot of power when it comes to renting one single rental unit because of the passive income.

Fixing and flipping is another great way to turn a profit, but takes a bit more effort. You would need to put a down payment on a home - especially if you're in Canada and pay for renovations. This method might not work for everyone.

The easiest way, especially to all the real estate newbies is wholesale real estate. You'll be able to find homes that are lower than the real estate market. It's not necessarily the most profitable, but it is the easiest method.

Make sure to watch the video from beginning to end, because Kevin explains each method and model in-depth in his video. It's packed with a lot of information and examples.

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro




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