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Pros of Selling on Walmart

Pros of Selling on Walmart

Selling on Walmart is just another awesome platform for eCommerce! Walmart is almost similar to Amazon. Walmart is continuing to grow, just last year online sales in 2020 it grew 79%. Today, we're talking about the pros of selling on Walmart.

Expand Your Reach to a New Customer Base
Did you know that the Walmart Marketplace receives over 120 million different and unique customers? That's just on a monthly basis. A great place for customer to go shopping of they can't find the item they're looking for elsewhere. You can leverage customer traffic, especially when you can sell your products to an established customer base.

Only Pay What You Sell
What's Walmart known for? Well, it's known for its low prices for their customers. Best part is, it's the same for sellers! Walmart has simple price format for its sellers. Oh, and no set up or monthly fees (score!). However, Walmart has a referral fee when there's a completed purchase. Referral fees depend on the category, but are very similar to Amazon.

There's Less Competition
We all know that Amazon has more than 2.4 million active sellers. Crazy right? With Walmart there are less active sellers, about 70 000 sellers to be exact. However, that number is growing! Sellers have a better chance winning buy box on Walmart versus Amazon. Since Walmart has less sellers it reduces the amount of competition.

Create Your Return Policy
With Amazon you basically need to have policy that meets their policy or exceed their policy, which might not always work for third party sellers. However, Walmart is a lot better when it comes to creating your return policy. All Walmart asks of your return policy that you create is that it's fair to the customers too. 

These are just a few pros of selling on Walmart with many more. Walmart is another eCommerce platform for those who are looking to expand their eCommerce business. In our next blog, we'll go over some of the cons of selling on Walmart. 

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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