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Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

Increase the Value of Your Shopify Business

There are a few basic but very important rules of thumb and things that a lot of entrepreneurs don't always think about. Not sure what I'm talking about? Or maybe you have an idea where this is going. These are a few ways to increase the value of your Shopify business.

Believe it or not, blogs do play a crucial role in your business. Blogs can attract new customers organically, and it could also be used for email sequence. However, it can't just be any type of blog. It needs to be relevant to you and your business. Blogs should be quality content. Blogs are an awesome tool that you can utilize to increase traffic. At least post a blog at least once a month minimum. Try to aim 500-1000+ words. Blogs can help build trust with potential customers. Don't be afraid to share your blogs on social media. This will help with SEO too. You can definitely outsource this part unless you enjoy the blogging yourself.

This is something ALL businesses should have whether its brick and mortar or eCommerce. Having standard operating procedures makes sure that everything is stream lined. It helps to make sure your businesses are running smoothly and it also sets expectations not only for yourself, but your team and potential customers. When you have a well operating business, you are also instilling trust with current and future customers.

Definitely outsource each aspect of your business. Having virtual assistants to do product research, listings, order processing, etc will help you leverage your business. On top of having virtual assistance there's also software you can use. You can use both VA's and software or maybe you simply want to stick with one. You'll be able to focus on what you need to do or what your next steps should be to grow your business even further.

Another crucial aspect of the business. When you are tracking your data, you are getting another piece of the puzzle of how your business is doing. It gives you an idea of what's working and what's not. Having Google analytics can track what your customers are doing. It's giving you insider looks into what customers like and don't like and you'll be able to tweak things around.

Marketing is a great way to not only increase the value of your Shopify store, but it will help boost sales. Blogs, as I mentioned earlier, also help with marketing as long as its an SEO-driven content. Set up reviews! You have no idea how much of an impact this can make for your business, especially when you have a lot of great reviews about your products and business. Upsell, upsell, upsell! A great method you can add. Someone buys a Christmas tree, upsell by giving the option to purchase Christmas ornaments. Running ads can be beneficial as it can bring potential customers to your store.

Most entrepreneurs only think of products and marketing. That's the core of your Shopify business. But tracking your data can help you scale and grow the business further. SEO for long term sustainability will help with organic reach and growth. Outsourcing laborious tasks can help you scale to limits you wouldn't be able to do alone.

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WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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