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How To Reach Your Goals 10x Faster


How To Reach Your Goals 10x Faster

It's definitely possible to reach your goals 10x faster. It comes down to your level of dedication to the reaching your goals and how consistent you are to achieve them. However, it's not only dedication and consistency that's needed. It's also having the right tools and resources.

Kevin also talks about why you need a mentor. Having a mentor really changes the game. Especially when mentors have been through the process and know exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals 10x faster. And How Amazon is a 1/1000 Business Model, because of the ability to scale so quickly with no prior experience and the right training.

YouTube gurus all talk about Amazon FBA which is HIGHLY capital intensive. With a large portion of them also that only have been selling on Amazon since 2017/2018 meanwhile Kevin has been on Amazon since 2014 and has done nearly 7M in sales without FBA. And he started with a $500 card and no money.

The best of the best will not be for free on YouTube that is Kevin guarantee. Real mentorship doesn't come through YouTube videos either - it comes through interaction with your coach/mentor, which Kevin does with EVERY student since he started mentoring in 2016. Notice how long he's been doing this? Longer than 99% of the "gurus" out there. There's a reason for that, some of them potentially learned from SupremeCommerce Training years ago - and that's fine!


WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro & Kevin Edgar



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