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How to Grow a Business Fast with Amazon


Grow a Business Fast with Amazon

In this video blog, Kevin goes over the fastest way to scale your Amazon business and which method that you should do to be able to grow a business fast with Amazon.

FBA and Private Label is the slowest way to grow your Amazon business AND it's highly capital intensive. It can also take 1-2 months for the products to arrive, to package, to label and to disperse to the proper warehouses. Essentially, you're putting all your eggs in 1 product basket. Although FBA is great, it has many pitfalls that FBM doesn’t.

The two methods that Kevin goes by is dropshipping and FBM. You can easily list 100s of products and start getting sales in the same time period as someone who lists one item for FBA. 

FBA can still be great but should not be the first method to do. All of this and more is explained in the video with a lot of great information and it can help you make a better informed decision on which route to take in terms to grow a business fast with Amazon.

Also, be sure to check out the SupremeCommerce Training YouTube Channel for more great informative and motivating videos by Kevin.

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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