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eCommerce: Expectation vs Reality

eCommerce: Expectation vs Reality

Many people who want to get into eCommerce have a lot of expectations how the business goes. Most of it are misconceptions or "gurus" tell you how it is, but in reality it's far from the truth. When entrepreneurs set out to start their business in the eCommerce sector, they end up quitting because of these set expectations that they see from everyone else. Now, let's talk about some of the expectations are and what the actual reality is. 

Expectation 1: Starting an eCommerce business is easy peasy. You don't have to put much work into it. 

Reality: Starting an eCommerce business takes hard work, dedication, time, and consistency. You need to put in the work for your business to be successful.

Expectation 2: You only need to work an hour a day.

Reality: When you first start your eCommerce business, you're going to be putting in a lot of hours in the beginning. When you see entrepreneurs putting in 1 or 2 hours a day, that's because they have worked hard to get to that point, and have leveraged software and virtual assistants.  

Expectation 3: You can quit your job within a couple of months.

Reality: There is absolutely no guarantee that you can quit your job within a month or two. You want to make sure that your business makes the same amount or more than your job, but also having a small emergency fund if needed. It's always good to have more than one source of income.

Expectation 4: You can learn everything about eCommerce online for free.

Reality: You can definitely learn a lot about eCommerce online, but you will only learn so much. Most of the stuff you see, is regurgitated and outdated information. When you hit roadblocks, sometimes you can't find the answer. This is why you should invest in yourself and get training programs and a mentor that's there to help you every step of the way.

These are just a few expectations vs reality. We hope this clarifies some of those expectations before diving in head first into eCommerce. 

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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