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Business Improvements with eCommerce

Business Improvements with eCommerce

There are a lot of businesses that do not utilize the eCommerce space. That is just leaving money on the table. Leveraging the eCommerce space for your business just helps you reach other audiences and potential customers, especially to those who may not even know about your business. Business improvements with eCommerce can be broken down five different ways. 

We have already mentioned this earlier but having an eCommerce website for your business will help expand your reach. How exactly does it help expand your reach? If people search for particular products or services, your business will pop up in the search engines. Depending on the platform you are using, you can use the built-in marketing tools to market the products or services you are trying to sell. A great marketing tool that is integrated with most eCommerce platforms is Facebook ads. Facebook ads can redirect your future customers to your Facebook page, Instagram page, and your website. 

Having a website is almost like having a home away from home. Customers might not be able to physically reach your brick and mortar store to buy products, but having a website gives your customers a chance to still be able to buy what they want. It becomes convenient for them. Your brick and mortar store could be thriving, but you can make additional income through a website. Not to mention, a lot of consumers start their research on the internet. It could also drive future customers to come visit your location too. This is just another business improvement with eCommerce.

Customers love when their experience is personalized, I mean who doesn't? 80% of customers love that businesses send personalized offers based on their customers purchasing history. You can go further with personalizing the experience with your customers by collecting their birthday and sending them a birthday gift whether it is a discount, an add on item, etc. Create a loyalty program for your business, and it can be personalized to your customer based on their purchasing habits and more. This will entice future customers.

Having an online presence also gives your customers and future customers more customer service options.  Not everyone has the time to go visit a physical location to have an issue resolved or to exchange/return an item or to ask questions about an item. It gives an opportunity to customers to buy online and pick up in store.

Business improvements with eCommerce also comes down to the information you gather. This will help capture important data that you can use later on to remind customers or drive sales or sending newsletters and more! It also gives you an insight on your customers behaviour, and with that you can cater to those behaviours. Depending on the platform you use, you can also get information on how many visitors, sales trends, purchases, etc. This is all vital to see what changes could be necessary to be even better. 

Building a website to have an online presence can be a little daunting and maybe a bit confusing. However, we got you covered. In our Shopify Legacy training program, we walk you through all the steps from A to Z. 

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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