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Selling Bundles On Amazon The Easy Way


In this video blog, I go over the EASY WAY for bundling on Amazon, and without using FBA.

Keeping other sellers off your listings is important. But as a dropshipper, how do we do this? Building a brand of course.

And... Selling bundles with a small branded item of yours.

Amazon seems to like bundles, you'll see the 2 sales ranks on the products I highlighted in this video.

I sell about 40-60 bundle units a day using this exact method, and what I show in this video - dropshipping with originals, bundles and brand building. These methods accounts for about 80% of my Amazon sales (6-10k a day and growing).

Want to learn how to do this in depth and have someone coach you step by step?

Mastering Amazon

Another great way to add bundled items is from Aliexpress and if you're selling in the US, you can use "US Ship From" on Aliexpress and they will ship in 1 week - not one month.

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WRITTEN BY: Kevin Edgar




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