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Amazon Selling Tricks

Amazon Selling Tricks

Need some tips and tricks to increase sales on your Amazon store? Or maybe you need some advice before you start listing your items. Here are four Amazon selling tricks you can change or implement on your existing or future product listings.

Just having a generic and most basic details about the product you are selling is not enticing to potential customers. You cannot sell a customer your product with generic and basic details, especially when they cannot hold and feel the product. The customer can only view it online. This is why optimizing your product details is crucial. Having an in-depth product detail will not only help sell the product to the customer, but they will have a better understanding. It is almost equivalent to asking a sales rep at a store about the details of the product they want to purchase.

A great pricing strategy that you should be implementing in your business(es). This is especially done when you are in competition with another seller when all parties are selling the identical product. There are three strategies that you can use with competitive pricing which are lower, equivalent or higher pricing. Lower price would be selling your product less than your competitors prices. Having a lower price than your competitor can diminish your profit margin. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to be lower than your competitor to get sales! You can have the equivalent price as your competitor. At this point you are just focusing on the product itself. If you can offer more or better features to your product it will be better for you. If you are pricing your products higher than your competitor you need to make sure your product has new features, improvements or something a little extra. It is all about the customers purchasing behaviour when it comes to pricing.

Having professional images of the products you are selling really pulls everything together. It builds trust with your customer because they can see what they are purchasing. Having poor quality images does not really sell the customer, it will turn them away and go to the competition. You do not necessarily have to take the images yourself. You can also grab images from your supplier and if the supplier does not have enough, just simply Google to grab more images. 

There are a lot of factors when you are trying to be eligible to win and own the buy box on the products. You need to make sure your metrics are in tip top shape. The account needs to be healthy and in good standing. Shipping speed and cost is another factor. How quickly can you ship your products to the customer, and at what price? Having a supplier that ships quickly is a great asset to your business. Having no to minimal pricing for shipping helps a lot too. Account age and trust builds a good and healthy relationship with your business and Amazon. Your account average sales/STR also play a factor towards buy box. FBA over FBM - but do not let that alarm you. You can still get buy box with FBM. Lastly, price plays a huge role.The top three being price, FBA over FBM and account sales. Then comes metrics. Price use to not matter as much a few years ago as long as you had most of the other checkmarks. Now price is a top factor. Ensuring you meet all these criteria and ensure your metrics are good and store is performing well, buy box percentages can only go up!

Take the time and implement all these Amazon selling tricks to your business(es). Here's a little secret.. the first three tricks you can also implement them with your eBay or Shopify business(es) too. Want to learn everything about Amazon, 'Mastering Amazon' is where you want to go.

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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