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Amazon Private Label Dropshipping | IP Infringement AVOID Claims


Amazon Private Label Dropshipping | IP Infringement AVOID Claims

Amazon private label dropshipping is a super profitable business model when done properly, the unfortunate reality is that for most people, it's costly. Most private label sellers use amazon FBA and buy upfront, which is something you can do AFTER proving the products validity.

Doing your OWN listings - original content from you as a seller is the best and easiest way to AVOID any IP or inauthentic claims selling on Amazon. We have been doing this for several years now. MARGINS are bigger, the process is more FUN and it keeps you safe!

It does take longer to build a store this way, but the end result and long-term results are SO WORTH the efforts it's insane. Imagine having PROFITS 2x - 3x that of your typical dropship competitor - all fighting for the buy box with each other like a hawk looking for a mouse in a field. Avoid all that BS and get straight to FAT profits, without having to do FBA.

Kevin goes into further detail in the video above! Make sure you watch the video in its entirety. 

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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