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6 Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

Increase Amazon Sales

Have you hit a road block and you're not quite sure what to do to increase Amazon sales? Well, you're in luck! We're here to share 6 tips to increase Amazon sales. These tips can be implemented whether the product is new listing or an old listing. Now, let's get into it!

1. Optimize Your Title
Using keywords is a great way to optimize your title on Amazon. It's one of the most important ways to improve your products findability. When you're optimizing your title on Amazon, you should first start with the most elementary information such as brand, product description, product line, material, colour, size, quantity, etc. This method is also extremely useful when you're creating a listing from scratch when you're dropshipping your own items via private label, or unbranded products. 

2. Pile on the Feedback
Let the feedback come naturally overtime because it's better to not get hung up on it or force reviews. Although, you can request a review on the orders page seven days after delivery. Feedback gives other potential customers how past buyers felt about the product and their overall experience. Don't get upset if someone leaves a negative review. Take it as an opportunity to make necessary changes such as finding a new supplier, etc. This can really help increase Amazon sales.

3. Guard Yourself Against Competitors
Brand protection and brand registry will protect you in the long run. It's not only limited to FBA, you can still do this as a dropshipper with the right suppliers.

4. Automate Product Prices with a Repricer or VA's
Automation using software and virtual assistance is the best way to leverage and scale your business to new heights. It's the key to growing your business and to continue the growth. It's always good to have someone or a software to keep an eye on your products prices. 

5. Don't Skimp on Keywords
Keywords on Amazon represents the process of optimizing your product listing to rank higher in the product search results. You can accomplish this by thoroughly researching competitors as well as the first pages of amazon based on keywords you’re looking at, and choosing relevant keywords or keyword phrases to target. When creating Amazon listings from scratch or building a brand or brands on Amazon - SEO (keywords/optimized copy and content) is vital to long term ranking and success for each product you list. 

6. Improve Product Photos
Having professional images of the products you are selling really pulls everything together. Images having a WOW factor are important since customers can’t actually touch the product before buying. It builds trust with your customer because they can see what they are purchasing. Having poor quality images does not really sell the customer, it will turn them away and go to the competition. You do not necessarily have to take the images yourself. You can also grab images from your supplier and if the supplier does not have enough, you can have the images you do have, 3D rendered for that WOW factor.

Make sure to take your time implementing these tips. A great thing about these tips is that they're versatile. These don't only help increase Amazon sales, but it can also be implemented on eBay and Shopify too! 'Mastering Amazon' goes in depth about everything Amazon. 

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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