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3 Best Ways to Earn Online

Earning Online

One of the simplest way to earn extra income is earning online. There are many opportunities to earn online so you can be in the comfort of your home, and build a better life. You can start an eCommerce business, do affiliate marketing, day trading, etc. Well, here's the 3 of the best ways to earning online.

First up we have Amazon. It's doesn't take much to get started, as long as you have the right resources and guidance. It's also something you can do before or after work, or even on weekends. Realistically, you just need to be able to dedicate one to two hours a day. If you can do more, then that's great. There's the ability to scale your business to 6-7 figures. Heck, the minute you're earning online more than your 9-5 pays you like, then you can quit!

Selling on Amazon is the best eCommerce platform to use hands down. It’s the largest and has a relatively small learning curve with how we teach it. You don't need a niche or focus only on 1 product - this is limited thinking. You should sell in 1-2+ Major categories. You can sell thousands of products already ranked and selling on Amazon, which makes scaling your business much more simple. You can build a brand with Amazon and focus not only scaling the business quick, but scaling a long term sustainable business as well.Second best place for earning online is Shopify! Shopify is another powerful eCommerce platform. Some Shopify features include but not limited to are: easy to set up, easy to manage, SEO & marketing, exceptional security, store management, top-notch support and more. It's very easy to build your website, it's very user friendly with absolutely no experience needed. You are in complete control of your website and business. Your profit margins are what you want it to be.

On top of all that, Shopify has the best tools, apps, and much more to help you get even more sales with your store. Since a lot of Shopify sales will come from mobile, Shopify already optimizes your store for mobile. It's fast, efficient and organized. You have everything you need to be successful. We also teach in our Shopify Legacy how to use zero ad cost to get your store rolling. Another great way to earning online.

Forex/Day Trading is the third best way for earning online. It's the most powerful way to compound wealth on your own terms. Keep in mind it is risky when you don't have the proper knowledge, guidance, and practice. It also doesn't take too much of your time up either. You can trade for 15 minutes or even an hour. 

You can either do swing trade or scalps. Swing trades are normally kept open for a day or so. You're also making bigger trades with swings. However, it's more vulnerable to the changes in the market, and it's higher risk. Scalps are much quicker. You get in, make your profit, and get out. The profits are a bit smaller but lower risk since it's less volatile. But, we recommend that you learn both swings and scalps.

Between all 3 ways of earning online, Amazon has the smallest learning curve. Starting an Amazon business can be started with only a bit of running capital. We definitely recommend starting Amazon first. Then start other business ventures such as Shopify and Forex. There's endless opportunities out there, just takes some dedication and hard work!

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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