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2 Ways to Sell on Amazon


2 Ways to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is an awesome eCommerce platform to start a business whether you are a beginner or experienced. Best way to sell on Amazon is via dropshipping which is less capital intensive than FBA. Did you know that there are 2 ways to sell on Amazon? The 2 ways are listing branded products or unbranded products. Some have preferences on what they want to do or they do a mixture of both. Personally, we do both.

List and sell branded products that are already selling and ranked by Amazon. With the right suppliers, this is the simplest way to list as well as grow a substantial business.  However, with the levels of competition, profit margins are usually a bit smaller but it is still the fastest way to scale an Amazon business and it is still very profitable. The great thing about selling branded products is that you do not need to run ads or PPC because it is an item that's been ranked and selling - it essentially cuts some of the work out for you.

Creating your own product listings and using your own brand or doing private label and using FBA- but hold off on the FBA until later and I will explain soon. Bigger margins can be found when creating your own product listings and you can still dropship - this is what we teach. It does take longer to scale, and normally takes more resources but for the long term gain, it is the way to go! Creating your own product listing and to get the item to sell sometimes you might have to run ads or PPC, but there is a better way- keywords. If you are still struggling, do a coupon launch before doing any ads or PPC.

Now, if you want to do FBA it is completely fine but it is better to dropship first. Why? Well, the reason to dropship first is to get the item to start selling and ranked. It is a way to prove validity of the item you are trying to sell. Dropshipping is a much better method than spending upfront by purchasing 500-1000 units on a product to do FBA not knowing if it'll be a hit or miss. Once you prove validity and the margins make sense, then you can send it off to FBA.

Check out this amazing video by Kevin that explain further in detail the 2 ways to sell on Amazon and other great videos on the SupremeCommerce Youtube Channel.

WRITTEN BY: Leslie Lazaro



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