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Our Amazon Automation Service

Client that's been with us for 18 months, last 9 months results of 480k:

Service fees and what to expect

Our service ranges from 14k to 22k for the on-boarding fee. This justifies and allows us to take the smaller profit share while doing 100% of the work.

Fee structure (our fees go up from time to time with inflation and rising employment costs. Please contact me directly as the fees shown here may have changed since they were posted):

- $14,000 on-boarding fee = 60/40 profit share (60% for the client, 40% for us).

- $19,000 on-boarding fee = 70/30 profit share.

- $22,000 on-boarding fee = 75/25 profit share* (this option is limited time).

NOTE:  Aside from the on-boarding fee, clients need atleast 30K USD in working capital for inventory purposes and the growth of the Amazon business. 


Some data from our presentation

Full presentation and data is provided when we do a zoom call, as we need to qualify you before you can actually become a client.

Set up a call

To get more information regarding the Amazon automation service, please contact me at [email protected], or add me on Facebook and send me a direct message there so we can communicate more efficiently:

On a live call we can login and show you a lot more client results, and go over all of the data and information regarding the service. This page is just a brief look at the service only.



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