For SC Affiliates

As a SupremeCommerce Affiliate, you are paid:

Tier 1

30% Commission for your first 20 referrals (paid programs only).


Note: Our programs range from $57 monthly to $1297 for DIY Amazon Automation. (Courses are one-time payment only).

Tier 2

35% Commission after 20 referrals (paid programs only).


Since SupremeCommerceFX Trade Alerts are charged on a monthly basis, this would give you $17.10 - $28.50 monthly residual income per every 1 referral, while your referrals remain active, depending what tier you are on.

Tier 3

40% Commission after 50 referrals (paid programs only).


A commission example on the $1297 for DIY Amazon Automation would be a one off commission of $389.10 - $648.50 (pending no discount codes were applied by your referral).

Tier 4

50% Commission for life after 500 referrals (paid programs only).

(By now you've activating some HUGE rewards - see below!).


20 Paid Referrals


You Tier Up to 35% commissions, you'll also receive a 60% off discount from ANY course site-wide. (SupremeCommerceFX Alerts not included).


50 Paid Referrals

You Tier Up to 40% commissions for life! And you will receive an ALL-ACCESS PASS to all SupremeCommerce Training courses! (SupremeCommerceFX Alerts not included).


100 Paid Referrals

A free iPad or Tablet, or a $1,000 cash PRIZE! (Value in USD). Plus 2 hours of free coaching calls and access to SupremeCommerceFX Trade Alerts for life!


For Those SUPER Affiliates who surpass 100 paid referrals, we have something even more SPECIAL for you!


500 Paid Referrals

If you reach this extraordinary level, you will Tier Up to 50% Commissions for LIFE, and will be awarded a $2,500 cash prize AND a brand new Apple computer! Or, a $5,000 cash prize. (Value in USD)


1000 Paid Referrals

You're a BOSS! How's $10,000 cash sound? Good nuff? Cool. It's all yours! (Value in USD).


1500 Paid Referrals

Well well, not only are you the KING or QUEEN of affiliate marketing, but you will also be getting a BRAND NEW CAR!

Terms: $1,000 a month for any car payments up to 24 months (Good for lease options). $670 a month for car payments up to 36 months. Or $500 a month for car payments up 48 months (good terms for financing options). 

Note: If a down payment is required, we will cover up to $1,000 down for you.

You can also use a car loan calculator to see what kind of car this can get you:

Alternatively, you can take the cash and run! ($24,000 USD).

Different rules apply for SupremeCommerceFX Referrals

Only 200 monthly active SCFX referrals are needed for the NEW CAR BONUS.

Terms: $500 car payments monthly, for each month you have 200+ ACTIVE referrals, indefinitely!

To qualify, please check your "reports" tab under your affiliate dashboard to see who your referrals are.


What are you waiting for? Your new car, dream vacation and other AMAZING prizes await! 


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Note: Commission payouts can be requested on the 7th of each following month, for prior months commissions. (Example: Commissions you've earned in the month of May, can be requested to be paid out on or after the 7th of June).

Payouts are via PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin and can be requested by contacting Kevin at [email protected].

(All values are in USD).